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Implementation Resource

Get access to implementation resources such as the ASER Enhanced Recovery Implementation Guide, patient education materials, enhance recovery pathway protocols and more.
For full access to the  Implementation Guide, contact us at [email protected]

Access to Enhanced Recovery Publications and Ongoing Research

Check out Perioperative Medicine, the official journal of ASER. Keep up to date with enhanced recovery news. Read our newsletter ASER Alert, or review our Annual Congress presentations and abstracts.

Professional Development

& Access to Meeting Content

Join us at our ASER Annual Spring and Fall Congress Meetings. Each congress, hosts health professionals from all over the world to share best practices, new research, and developments, and implementation experiences. ASER members receive annual meeting discounts, access to CME, and access to speaker recorded presentations (with permission of speakers).

Get involved

Join the many committees that ASER has to offer.

Network with Experts in Enhanced Recovery and Perioperative Medicine
Meet and stay connected with experts in the field.

Implementation Consultation and Guidance

Participate in the ASER Leadership Forum where a team of implementation experts will give advice and guidance so as to ensure your hospital’s transition goes as smooth as possible.
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