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It was a tremendous honor to assume the Presidency of ASER in April 2019. I hope to continue the fantastic work undertaken by the two previous presidents of ASER, TJ Gan and Julie Thacker.

Charles Dickens famously wrote in A Tale of Two Cities: “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times ……….” It certainly feels like this description applies in healthcare today. Healthcare is changing rapidly, and while change brings uncertainty, it also brings opportunity.

The ASER Mission is to advance the practice of perioperative enhanced recovery and to contribute to its growth and influences, by fostering and encouraging research, education, public policies, programs, and scientific progress. Importantly, a fundamental mission of ASER is to be a multidisciplinary society, and as such ASER is uniquely positioned as an integrative society devoted to improving patient outcomes.

The feeling of a community within ASER has been a feature of all the ASER Congresses and was again a highlight at the recent ASER 2019 Congress in Washington DC.

The upcoming academic year is going to be exciting for ASER. Please continue to check this webiste for news an updates on the latest to come.

Best wishes,

Tim Miller, MD
ASER President

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