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ASER Announces Affiliation With A&A Journal

175x175bbASER and IARS share a common goal of increasing the number of perioperative enhanced recovery related manuscripts published in Anesthesia & Analgesia (A&A or Journal) and providing maximum peer-reviewed exposure for perioperative enhanced recovery authors and literature in A&A. To that end, ASER and IARS hereby agree to create an affiliation of ASER with A&A.

A new content section named Perioperative Medicine will appear in the online and print Table of Contents (TOC) of A&A when related papers are published in an issue. The TOC section will be prefaced by a masthead including the ASER logo, contact information, mission statement, ASER representatives on the A&A Editorial Board, and ASER Officers and Staff.  A&A will also publish an online supplement of the ASER annual congress proceedings.

The Editorial Board members for the Perioperative Medicine Section are

Executive Section Editor: Tong J Gan, MD, MBA, MHS
Senior Editor: Mike Scott, MB ChB, FRCP, FRCA, FFICM
Associate Editors: Tim Miller, MB ChB FRCA
Julie Thacker, MD, FACRS
Assistant Editors: Traci L. Hedrick, MD, MS, FACS, FACRS
Robert H. Thiele, MD

Read the Latest Editions Here

August 2019 - Volume 129 - Issue 2 



Perioperative Medicine in the A&A Journal