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Perioperative enhanced recovery is a patient focused approach to a faster, healthier recovery. Implementation of enhanced recovery guidelines and practices also seek to reduce growing issues with the over prescription of medication, including opioids, and concentrating on a more holistic approach to surgical recovery.

The American Society of Enhanced Recovery (ASER) was formed to advance this practice in the United States and around the world. ASER’s mission is to advance the practice of perioperative enhanced recovery, to contribute to its growth and influences by fostering and encouraging research, education, public policies, programs and scientific progress.

One of the primary ASER goals is to conduct Leadership Forums to assist institutions to implement enhanced recovery. Currently 6-8 to forums are planned for 2016-2017.

  • Each session will accommodate a multi-disciplinarian team from an institution to include individuals that are involved in aspects of enhanced recovery such as: surgeon, anesthesiologist, enhanced recovery nurse coordinator pharmacist and administrator.
  • Faculty are experts in enhanced recovery and will include a surgeon, anesthesiologist and nurse.
  • Plan to have 6-8 “teams” per forum
  • Content and implementation guide approved by ASER.
  • Interested local enhanced recovery leaders to identify teams from various hospitals and coordinate venue with ASER organizer
  • Local team members are responsible for expenses related to attending the leadership forum
  • Sponsors had NO input on content development

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